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24 October 2011
The press release is not dead

This Hubspot blog post offers great tips on what makes a press release viable in today's online world. To quote the author, Sarah Skerik, a successful press release has the following characteristics:

1. It's nimble. Successful messages are built to fit multiple formats. They feature tweetable headlines and factoids, search engine friendly elements (e.g. keywords, links, etc.), compelling visuals, and an easy-to-share landing page that renders nicely across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other networks.

2. It's atomized. Your audience doesn't live in one place, and neither should your press releases and other content. Derive one piece of content from another, such as turning a webinar into a series of blog posts, a podcast or video, a PowerPoint presentation of pdf, an infographic - and distribute each accordingly. Likewise, a simple press release can be similarly atomized. You can tweet a variety of key points, upload accompanying multimedia to YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, SlideShare, and any number of other sites, and you can offer an insider, engineering, or customer perspective on the company blog. In this case, more is truly more.

3. It's useful. Content needs to interest, inform, or entertain the audience...period. When determining how to communicate with your audiences and what vehicles to employ, take into account the outcomes you need to generate, the actions you want to encourage, and where your intended audiences live. As you do so, be willing to re-think press releases and other content. You may find some unusual opportunities.

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